CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls Price

CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

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CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Our Lifter premium hemp flower pre-roll joints are mad-e in-house with our premium CBD hemp flower. Each pre-roll is perfectly pack with our Colorado-grown hemp flower. To purchase our Lifter flower click here. CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Available in bulk wholesale and online retail pricing. Legal documentation and testing documents are send with the shipment. We are register with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and USPS to ship industrial hemp products.

Get lifted with our premium Lifter hemp pre-rolls, pre-packaged CBD hemp smokes that are tightly rolled and all but totally odorless. Lifter hemp flower is one of our most popular strains and with good reason. With its frosty appearance and blueberry aroma, it’s a feast for the senses.

More Details

A hybrid of ERB and Suver Haze, our Lifter CBD hemp cultivar has received a five-star review from those who have sampled it. That’s because it is an iconic cultivar with exceptional flavor and an intoxicating fragrance.

Our organic hemp “joints” come from flower that is naturally grown and process to remove its overpowering scent. We want our customers to enjoy their hemp pre-rolls wherever they go. No dank stank, just smooth pulls.

Lifter hemp pre-rolls are rich in terpenenoids and cannabinoids including Myrcene and Farsenene. Optimized for an ideal balance of elevation and relaxation, it is a subtle and delectable treat that will leave your lips tasting sweet.

Each pre-rolled hemp pre-roll is filledd with hand-trimmed hemp flower and carefully collect hemp shake. The cuttings that come from our cultivars are always inspect for color and quality. Our hemp pre-rolls may contain small nugs that are every bit as powerful as our CBD hemp flower product.

It’s funky, it’s sticky and its aromatic AF! Lifter hemp pre-rolls are bound to impress with their array of minerals, vitamins, odoriferous molecules and bold cannabinoids.

All of our hemp pre-rolls contain at least 18% CBD and less than 0.03% delta-9 THC. Industrial Hemp Farms‘ Lifter CBD hemp pre-rolls are uncontaminatedd and ultra-potent.